Air conditioning systems are dormant for the winter and there’s nothing worse than a malfunction when turning on during that first high heat of the summer. Ambrose has been receiving calls from customers for tune-ups and inspections of their malfunctioning air conditioning systems. We highly recommend that you get yours tuned up immediately. Why? Because there’s only a benefit if you do, and a loss if you don’t. For a very reasonable and fair price, we can service your A/C unit for the best quality air and comfort this summer. Here are a few facts that you may not know about air conditioning HVAC systems that hopefully will convince you to get a tune-up today!

  1. Nine out of ten HVAC system failures are caused by dirt and dust. This is especially apparent in AC systems that have accumulated dust/dirt during the off-season.
  2. Clean systems improve efficiency and lessen monthly energy bills.
  3. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a buildup of 0.04 inches of dirt on a cooling coil can decrease system efficiency by 21%!
  4. According to the American College of Allergists, up to 50% of all illnesses are aggravated by or caused by polluted air! Wouldn’t you want to have a healthy summer?
  5. There is a direct relationship between fungi and bacteria in the household duct system and allergies. 1 out of 6 people who suffer from allergies does so because of their poorly maintained HVAC systems.
  6. It’s recommended to have an HVAC checkup 2x per year. During a checkup not only will a technician check up on dirt and dust, but any motor and electrical problems. Spring and fall check-ups are best, but anytime is better than never!

Do not hesitate to call us today. We will service all your HVAC and air conditioning needs this summer.