Can you imagine anything more frustrating than your furnace quitting in the dead of night in the middle of winter? Neither can we. With freezing and sub-zero temperatures, there’s a lot to risk with a malfunctioning furnace. Temperatures matter, and if not repaired quickly your family can be at risk of tundra-like living conditions within hours. Not only is your family’s comfort at risk, but your pipes rely on your furnace working correctly. As if a broken furnace wasn’t enough, a frozen pipe can wreak havoc on your home and land you a pretty hefty repair bill.

At Ambrose, we offer furnace replacement, but we like it just as well if we can fix the furnace you already have.

Preventative maintenance can save you energy and money while enhancing comfort. HVAC experts recommend that your heater be checked and maintained twice a year. Our certified technicians complete a thorough inspection of your heating system to keep your system running effectively and efficiently.